About the Ronan Police Department

On February 29, 1912 the town was incorporated and E. H. Rathbone was elected to serve as the first Mayor of Ronan.  In June of that year, the Mayor entitled William Engle as Ronan’s first Town Marshal.  Ronan had a Town Marshal up until February 3rd, 1941 when the Town of Ronan became a Third class City based on the US Census population of One-Thousand Thirty Two inhabitants.  Henry G. Redlaczyk became our first City Marshal.  On May 1st, 1967 Mayor Norman Stedje appointed Leonard Morigeau as the city’s first Chief of Police.

 William Engle  1912-1913  Town Marshal  W. A. Adler  1942-1943  City  L. Morigeau  1971-1973  Chief
 F. C. Mayer  1913-1915  Marshal  W. H. Sands  1943-1946  City  Donald J. Bowers  1973-1974  Chief
 S. Pierre  1916-1917  Marshal  R. M. Taylor  1946-1947  City  Steven Reum  1974  Chief
 L. L. Hoelzer  1917  Marshal  L. Nadreau  1947-1951  City  C. A. “Pinky” Bourne  1974-1980  Chief
 J. Nadreau  1917-1923  Marshal  R. White  1951-1953  City  Allen B. Corneliusen  1980-1992  Chief
 J. Odiet  1923-1933  Marshal  Chas. A. Noel  1953-1962  City  Dennis Gardner  1992-2001  Chief
 H. G. Redlaczyk  1933-1939  Marshal  G. D. Lundvall  1962-1966  City  Daniel Wadsworth  2001-2014  Chief
 W. A. Phillips  1939-1940  Marshal  W. A. Phillips  1966-1967  City  Valent Maxwell  2014  Chief
 H. G. Redlaczyk  1940-1942  City Marshal  L. Morigeau  1967-1969  Chief of Police  John Mitchell  2014  Chief
 R. Z. Leighton  1942  City  William H. Rhoades  1969-1971  Chief  Kenneth J. Weaver  2014-present  Chief

Today we are staffed with a Chief of Police and four officers to provide quality law enforcement services to the community. Please click on the officers name to review their bio.

Kenneth J. Weaver Chief of Police R1 rpdchief@ronan.net
Trevor Sheridan Police Officer R7 rpd7@ronan.net
Corey White Police Officer R3 rpd3@ronan.net
Brandon Smith Police Officer R4 rpd4@ronan.net
Robert Stentz Reserve Officer R9 rpd9reserve@ronan.net
Devin Wegener Reserve Officer R8 rpd8reserve@ronan.net

The Police Departments Structure

The Administrative Division is responsible for strategic planning, policy and procedures, recruitment and hiring, property and evidence, staffing, grant management, fleet and facilities management, records, purchasing and budget, department technology and the training of all officers.

Awarded Grants

  • Selective Traffic Enforcement Program
    • STEP Mini Grant in 2015
    • STEP Grant in Fiscal Year 2015 – 2016
    • STEP Grant in Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017
    • STEP Mini Grant in 2018
  • Community Oriented Policing Services
    • COPS Hiring Grant 2016

The Patrol Division is responsible to maintaining public order, provide preventive patrol, respond to calls for service and conduct investigations of person and property crimes.  Patrol is also responsible in the support of safe driving throughout Ronan by enforcing traffic laws and investigating motor vehicle crashes, traffic direction and control, traffic safety, and parking enforcement.