Citizen Complaint Form


You may make a complaint by mail, telephone, or in person.  All telephone complaints shall be made to the Chief of Police at (406) 676-0223.  It is preferable that complaints be made in person to the Chief of Police, who has the authority to resolve many problems.  This contact can expedite resolution of your concerns.  You may report complaints anonymously; however, it is much more difficult to investigate an anonymous complaint fairly and thoroughly.  We often need to obtain additional information after a complaint is filed and, if you remain unidentified, this is not possible. You will receive a copy of your statement at the time the complaint is filed.


Once your complaint is received, it will be reviewed by the appropriate management personnel and assigned to a supervisor.  It may be necessary to recontact you for a very detailed statement concerning the incident.

You will be asked to give us the names of any witnesses to the incident and we probably will interview them.  Once the investigation is completed, the Chief of Police will recommend a disposition based on the facts of the case. The dispositions may be one of the following:

INFORMAL RESOLUTION: The alleged act(s) is of a minor nature, the supervisor resolves the matter through discussion with the complainant and the complainant is satisfied.

UNFOUNDED: The investigation proved the act or acts complained of did not occur.

EXONERATED: The acts which provided the basis for the complaint or allegation occurred; however, the investigation revealed that they were justified, lawful and proper.

NOT SUSTAINED: The investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation made in the complaint.

SUSTAINED: The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to prove the allegation made in the complaint.

NOT INVOLVED: The investigation established the employee was not involved or another agency was in the alleged incident.

NO FINDING: The complainant either failed to disclose promised information to further the investigation, is no longer available for clarification, or wishes to withdraw the complaint.

FRIVOLOUS: The complaint is totally and completely without merit or its sole purpose was for the purpose of harassment.

You will receive written notification of the disposition of the complaint generally within 30 days after the investigation is completed.

Corrective Action

If your complaint is sustained, the Chief of Police may take formal disciplinary action against the employee(s) involved.