Permits and Licenses

DOG AND CAT LICENSES: Ordinance 2010-06 of the Ronan Municipal Codes states that no dog or cat shall be permitted to be or remain in the City without having a proper current license affixed to a collar, chain, or harness fasted to or upon each such animal. Licenses expire as of January 1 of each year. 2016 Licenses can be obtained at Ronan City Hall, 207 Main SW, Ronan, MT.

2020-Solicitors License Application : Click to download the current Solicitors License Application to fill out in ink and return to Ronan City Hall, 207 Main SW, Ronan, MT.

Open Container Updated Application: The City of Ronan allows limited use exemptions from its ordinance 10-1-301, prohibiting alcoholic beverages from being consumed in, on, within, or upon any vehicle or any public place in the City.  You are making an application to allow consumption of alcohol at a public place.  In order to permit such activity, the City Council must be assured that you have provided for the public safety.  The applicant is responsible for the activities of all persons who participate and are covered by this permit.  You may be subject to civil and criminal penalties should you fail in your duties, to the City, to maintain law and order.