Police Commission

By law, in all cities and some towns, the mayor, or the manager in those cities operating under the commission-manager plan, shall nominate and, with the consent of the city council or commission, appoint three residents of such city or town who shall have the qualifications required by law to hold a municipal office therein and who shall constitute a board to be known by the name of “police commission.”

The duty of the police commission is to examine all applicants whose applications have been referred to the commission as to their age, legal, mental, moral, and physical qualifications and their ability to fill the office as a member of the police force.  It is also be the duty of the police commission, subject to the approval of the mayor, to make such rules regarding such examinations not inconsistent with this part or the laws of the state.

The police commission also hears and decide appeals brought by any member or officer of the police department who has been disciplined, suspended, removed, or discharged by an order of the mayor, city manager, or chief executive.

In Ronan the police commission appointees and terms are.

Chris Atkinson                    Term expires 5/31/2024

Robert Stentz                     Term expires 5/31/2025

Rick Schneider                 Term expires 5/31/2026