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Ronan Police Department General Orders

At the Ronan Police Department, we are committed to being open and accountable as we strive to provide a safe and secure community through procedurally-just police practices.

Policies and procedures, referred to as General Orders, are rules and regulations that all Ronan Police Department personnel must follow while carrying out the mission of the department. The orders provide direction and guidelines for how an officer should handle different situations that arise. The department has contracted with Lexipol to produce our General Orders.

Ronan Police Department General Orders – Click  to view.

Citizen Ride-Along Program

The citizen ride-along program is an opportunity for the public to observe the daily operations of the department.  After meeting the requirements of the program, citizens may accompany a police officer during a work shift.  The goals of the program are to foster a knowledge and understanding of the police profession, build cooperative relations between the police and the public, and to offer a safe and informative experience for the citizens participating in the program.

Prescription Medication Disposal Program 

The Ronan Police Department has teamed up with the Lake County DUI Task Force, St. Luke Community Healthcare, Family Health Pharmacy and R & R Pharmacy and purchased a Prescription Medication Disposal box from MedReturn.

The MedReturn box has been installed in the hallway at Ronan City Hall located at 207 Main Street SW.  This permanent take-back box is for the public to safely dispose of unused or unneeded home medications.  The program allows the public to dispose of their old medication year-a-round rather than waiting for an official drug take-back day in April.

Request a copy of a police report 

Thank you for your records request, we know it is very important.  We will try to provide you the requested information as soon as possible within 3-5 business days; after the date of your request.  However, there are sometimes circumstances that will dictate a later release date (for instance, the incident/accident is still under investigation, the officer has not completed the report for release).  In these cases, you will be notified of the reason we are unable to release the report.

Third Party and the Public at Large – $20.00

Vacation Watch

The Vacation Home Check program is a community service sponsored by the Ronan Police Department.  The vacation check does not guarantee that a burglary or other crime will not occur at the residence, and it is only intended to be a request for the officer to check the home periodically, based upon the availability of the officer.  Consequently, it is recommended that you make every effort to safeguard against losses including securing of high value property, proper locking devices, alarm systems, etc.  No vacation checks while the homeowner is gone from the home are guaranteed.  No further police response or protection is being guaranteed by the vacation check other than the normal police service and protection, which is provided to the general public.

The Ronan Police Department provides citizens with a free visual check of the exterior of your residence while you are away from home.  Forms can be printed from this web site and can also be picked up at police department business lobby.

Simply print and complete the application.  Be sure to include an emergency contact in case a situation arises while you are gone.  Once you have completed a copy of the form, mail it to the Ronan Police Department at 109 Main St. SW, Ronan Montana 59864, drop it off in the police department lobby, or FAX the form to 406-676-0224.

In the event you return from your vacation early, be sure to call us at (406) 676-0223 to let us know.

What else should I do before I go on vacation?

  • Lock all your doors and windows, securing outside doors with a deadbolt lock.
  • Place a metal rod in the track of your sliding patio door.
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery or have a neighbor pick them up for you.
  • Use timers for your lights and other appliances to make your house look “lived in”.
  • Install outside motion detectors.
  • Hide your empty trash cans.
  • Keep an inventory of your belongings and store valuables in a safe deposit box or another safe location.

What should I do if I find my house has been broken into?

  • Do not enter the residence!
  • Call the police department immediately.
  • Wait outside for officers to arrive.

Voluntary Statement Form

Statement forms are available here to provide you with easy access to the form however before proceeding you must have already reported the incident to an officer of the Ronan Police Department.  This form is for statements from victims, witnesses, and those not charged with a criminal offense.  You may drop off the form to our office or hand it to the officer you reported the incident to.  Do not email, fax or text the form without permission to do so.

Useful Forms and Documents

The Ronan Police Department wishes to make available the following forms for your convenience. The forms can be delivered to the police department and they will be reviewed and assigned to an officer.